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Introduction - Inflatable Caravan Awnings

If you have been living the caravan life for a while, you know how necessary awnings are for comfortable travel. You probably also know, however, how difficult they can feel to set up and take down and how inconvenient they can be to store. If you have had your current awning for a while, you may not be familiar with a brand new type of awning—inflatable awnings.

This new innovation in awning technology is supported by hollow tubes that inflate with just the press of a button. Take down is just as easy—plus, they are super lightweight and easy to transport and store.

In this article we will discuss the difference between air awnings and conventional awnings, the benefits of inflatable awnings, the different types and models on the market, the cost, and the best place to buy one from. After you learn these basics, you will be equipped to begin searching for your perfect awning from Quality Caravan Awnings. 

Difference from Conventional Awnings

Until recently, most caravan awnings were made from steel, aluminium, or fiberglass. While these had their own benefits, they were often heavy and difficult to transport. To set one up, you would have to carry all the poles to the area, properly configure them, and slip them into the awning material. This process was quite time consuming and took away from your holiday experience.

Aluminium was much lighter than steel or glass-fibre, but was also not as durable. Therefore, aluminium frames were preferred for frequent travel, but steel was preferred for more permanent awnings for people who lived in their caravan.

Inflatable caravan awnings disrupted the market when they came onto the scene in the early 2010’s. Suddenly, there was a better option for people who wanted easy transport and set up. This new technology was revolutionary, and has since become a very popular choice among caravan owners.

To make this new type of awning possible, new technology had to be developed. These innovative features include single-point inflation systems, lightweight and inflatable support poles, and valves that let out air as needed to maintain the correct air pressure.

The combination of these things makes for super convenient, durable, and easy to use awnings that will fit your family’s needs and make caravanning more comfortable and enjoyable.

Benefits of Inflatable Awnings

When you buy an inflatable caravan awning, you also receive innumerable benefits to go along with it. Thanks to the innovative technology used in air awnings, these benefits can make traveling with your family much more enjoyable and take the time and frustration out of setting up your awning.

Simple Set Up

Setting up an inflatable awning could not be easier. Most models have single-point inflation technology that allows the whole awning to inflate in just a few seconds with the push of a button. Then, when it’s time to pack up, you can deflate your whole awning with just the push of a button, too.

The days of fiddling around with heavy, awkward, and clunky poles and remembering how to correctly configure them every time are over. Now that time can be used to relax, enjoy your surroundings, and cherish your family.

Easy Transport

One of the things that posed the most difficulty to caravan owners in the past was how difficult it was to transport their awnings. The large and heavy poles made storing and moving awnings awkward and tiring. With this new inflation technology, however, these problems are in the past!

Each manufacturer has their own specialised technology, but all of them involve flexible, lightweight tubes that provide structure to the awning once inflated. Because of this, the awning itself is very light and easy to move. Heavy poles are no more; transport and storage of your awning could not be simpler.

Durable Material

All models of inflatable awnings come with durable material that helps provide structure along with the air tubes. Depending on the model, the material is often a high-tech polyester hybrid that is waterproof and can withstand routine wear and tear as well as provide protection against mild weather elements.

While the inflation mechanism is the main innovation of this new type of awning, most models also come with the best material on the market to make sure your awning will keep you and your family comfortable and last for years to come.

Extra Room

Whilst all awnings provide extra room for your family, inflatable awnings do so in such a convenient and comfortable way that it’s worth mentioning again. In the past, setting up this extra space was difficult and time consuming; however, now it’s so easy that your children could do it! It has never been easier to set up your extra space and enjoy the benefits of having outdoor living and sleeping space.

Because these awnings are so easy to set up, you may even consider getting a larger awning than you had before. In the past, some people chose smaller awnings because they were lighter and easy to set up than large ones. Now, you can choose an awning that provides all the space you need without worrying about difficult set up, take down, and transportation.

Convenient Details

Because inflatable awnings are a completely new type of awning, they were designed differently from models before. These easy to use awnings often come with the best and most convenient features of the older, more traditional models. Some of these details may include zip windows with UV coating, window curtains, light material on the roof to reflect sunlight and keep the awning feeling cool during the day, mesh vents that let in air but keep out bugs, interchangeable side doors, and more.

If you are looking for the best awning on the market, it’s probably going to be an inflatable model. Designed specifically for this modern, technologically advanced time, these models generally have the most convenient and advanced features available.

Types of Inflatable Awnings

There are many different types of inflatable caravan awnings for you to choose from! Each one comes with its own set up features, benefits, and uses. Some of the major companies that sell inflatable awnings include CampTech, Outdoor Revolution, Crusader, Olpro, and more.

Each brand also makes a variety of models in different sizes, price points, and feature sets. Smaller sizes are perfect for couples who love to travel together, midsized awnings are convenient for small families who enjoy caravanning, and large awnings are great for large families who holiday together often.

No matter your party size and needs, you will undoubtedly find an awning model that will meet all of your specifications. Before you begin looking at the different models, first determine your party size and features that are most important to you. Then, as you peruse the variety of options, it will become clear to you which models will work best for your family.

Where to Buy an Inflatable Awning and Cost

Now that you have learned about inflatable awnings and their benefits, you may feel tempted to buy one for yourself! We can’t blame you; we realise the convenience of inflatable caravan awnings, too!

Because these new awnings are such an upgrade over older models, the cost of upgrading is absolutely worth the investment. The price of air awnings vary depending on size and included features, but all are reasonable when you take into account their quality, convenience, and the time and energy you will save on set up and tear down.

When you are ready to begin your search for the perfect air awning for your caravan, start at Quality Caravan Awnings. We carry a large selection of inflatable awnings at the lowest prices on the internet, and provide a six month, 100% price match guarantee. The helpful inflatable awning reviews will also help make your decision even easier. You will find everything you need on our website.


Inflatable awnings are such an innovation in the market that they make old-fashioned awnings feel out-dated and low-tech. Once you upgrade, you will wonder how you ever managed with the heavy poles and difficult set up.

Although the inflation mechanism is the main draw of these models, most of them also come with the best features of the other awnings on the market and convenient features that make them the whole package.

Inflatable air awnings make caravanning even more convenient and enjoyable. Upgrade today to experience the difference for yourself!


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