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For some people, caravanning is more than just a convenient mode of travel—it’s a way of life. Whether you are a weekend traveller or prefer to live a nomadic lifestyle, caravans are the perfect way to travel in comfort.

There are many caravan awnings on the market, and it may feel overwhelming when you think of all of your choices. No worries—we’re here to help! Our series of reviews on different awning manufacturers will help you understand the positives and negatives of each company and their available models so you can find one that fits your family, your needs, and your budget. Let’s start off with one of the most well known awning companies: Outdoor Revolution.

Outdoor Revolution’s History

Outdoor Revolution, one of the most popular producers of outdoor gear, have been manufacturing caravan awnings, tents, and complementary accessories since 2003. Known for their innovative designs, Outdoor Revolution’s customers trust the quality and durability of their products. Their selection of caravan awnings include a variety of models that range in size and functionality that all come equipped with a set of features that make using and setting up your awning enjoyable, simple, and easy.

Essential Features of Outdoor Revolution Awnings

Flexible and Durable Fabric

Every Outdoor Revolution awning comes equipped with state-of-the-art, high-density fabric created from a weave of polyester fibres that provide durability and flexibility while maintaining its light weight. The material is also extremely water-resistant to provide protection against the elements, but is still breathable to provide ventilation in hotter climates. Additionally, each model has a light-coloured roof to reflect as much sunlight as possible and keep the inside of the awning cool, even on warm days.

Most awning models also come with Phoenix Mesh on the windows and vents. This “smart material” allows for air circulation, keeps out insects, and can repair itself from minor snags that come from frequent use. 

These strong materials ensures that your awning will hold up against standard wear and tear from frequent use and stay in great shape for years to come.

Innovative Inflation Technology

Outdoor Revolution have pioneered a useful technology that makes inflating their awnings quick and simple. Most models come with a lightweight Dura-Tech frame that boasts a single inflation point and dynamic speed valves, which means inflation takes only a few seconds.

Their patented, intelligent frame relief valve prevents damage to the tubes by letting out excess air from over inflation or temperature changes. Deflation is also a quick process due to the dual action pump. These features make setting up your awning easy, which leaves you with more time to spend enjoying your family and your surroundings.

Click here for a video demonstration by Outdoor Revolution of how this system works.

Large Windows

Each model comes with large, panoramic windows that display an unspoiled view of your beautiful environment. The smaller models have two large window panels while the largest model has four, as well as large see-through panels on either side of the awning.

The windows are tinted to reduce glare and keep out harmful UV rays. They also come with curtains to provide privacy and keep out additional sunlight when needed. In some models, you can unzip the windows completely or partially for a more open feel when desired.

Beautiful Design

Every awning is designed with beauty in mind. The sleek lines, rich colours, and convenient details, combined with quality and functionality, make Outdoor Revolution’s caravan awnings unique. Velcro covers even hide the inflation tubes and frame as to not spoil the sleek lines of the design; no detail is overlooked.

Lightweight Frame

The air-inflation system allows Outdoor Revolution’s caravan awnings to remain extremely lightweight. This makes construction, tear down, transport, and storage easy and convenient. If you have ever had a difficult time managing your awning, consider upgrading to a beautifully designed, lightweight awning from Outdoor Revolution.

Awning Models and Sizes

Outdoor Revolution have a wide range of caravan awnings that cater to every need and family size. The E-Sport Air, Evora, Espirit, and Elan models come in two different sizes; the Europa model comes in one mid-range size; and the Elise model comes in three different sizes which includes one of the largest awnings available in the market.

Available Accessories

Outdoor Revolution also manufacture a wide range of accessories made to enhance your caravan awning and make travel even more convenient and enjoyable. These products are made with the same quality materials and attention to detail as the awnings.

Available accessories for purchase range from necessities such as pumps and mallets to products that will make your awning more functional and comfortable, including chairs, sleeping bags, and even furniture and lighting. Each awning model has a corresponding annex available that can extend your living and sleeping space for added comfort and room. Outdoor Revolution have truly thought of everything you need to make caravanning feel luxurious!

Benefits of an Outdoor Revolution Awning

When you buy an Outdoor Revolution caravan awning, you receive many wonderful benefits and features along with it. A quality awning from Outdoor Revolution provides extra living space for your family to enjoy, extra sleeping room, and an outdoor area to relax and enjoy the beautiful views that you have travelled to see.

The high quality materials and innovative features are unique to Outdoor Revolution awnings. If you are looking for functionality and durability without compromising convenience, these awnings are a great choice.

Another benefit of these awnings is the ability to choose from a wide range of models and sizes that are all beautifully designed. You will love traveling with and spending your time in these awnings.

Outdoor Revolution offer great guarantees and warranties with all of their awnings. Most of their models come with a one-year guarantee on the canvas and a lifetime warranty for manufacturing defects on the inflation tubes. This shows that Outdoor Revolution truly believe in their products and care about their customers.

Cost and Where to Buy

Outdoor Revolution caravan awnings vary in price based on model and size. You can buy a smaller model for around £500, or a larger model for up to £1,000. These prices are reasonable, worth the money, and seem like a bargain when you consider the innovative features, benefits, and years of reliable use that you receive with each awning!

Quality Caravan Awnings sells Outdoor Revolution awnings at the lowest prices you will find. We pride ourselves on offering the most competitive prices on the internet, but if you find a better deal within six months of your purchase date, we offer a 100% price guarantee. Browse our selection to find the perfect caravan awning for your family at the best price possible. 


Outdoor Revolution caravan awnings are perfect for families who travel on the weekends and for couples who live to see the world. Caravanning is truly a wonderful way of life, and one that is enhanced even more by a reliable, convenient, and comfortable awning.

When you purchase an Outdoor Revolution awning, you get so many unique and sophisticated features that make setting up and using your awning very easy. If you are looking for your first awning or looking to upgrade your current one, consider Outdoor Revolution’s wide range of models.


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